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The world is going electric. In all sectors we are seeing the transition to sustainable solutions. Next Step Power offers dedicated financing to assist companies making the transition to electric. We are a pool of capital that provides electrical infrastructure and battery electric equipment in return for a Kwh rate.

In this way the CAPEX and technology performance risk for transition is borne by our investors and not you. You can point to specific and innovative capital allocation as a way to drive your ESG leadership position.


Our Team is engineering and large scale finance focused and we are in close dialogue with the leading OEMs and electric infrastructure suppliers, providing a complete solution. We are now engaged with ESG leaders in the industry and the leading OEMs.

All of the verticals we are working on from trucking to mining to rail all come back to electric capacity and infrastructure. 

Moving early is the key to success. 

The Scale and Pace of Energy Transition

The next “industrial revolution” has commenced in the form of transition to electric, renewable energy + Clean-tech

Huge capital investment in electric infrastructure, technology, and equipment is imperative

“A cumulative national [U.S.-only] capital investment of $53 – 127 billion in charging infrastructure is needed by 2030 to support an EV mid-adoption scenario”

“The 2030 National Charging Network” – National Renewable Energy Laboratory (June 2023)

Analysis supported by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation and the U.S. Department of Energy


A 35% increase in Electric Demand is forecasted by 2050. The early movers will have access to available power and substations.

Electric Transportation is forecasted to grow at 20X by 2030.

The infrastructure to support that growth is part of what NSP can assist with. Our leasing plan provides capital to build out the required charge points.

There are more than 295 Policies around the world that insist on a growth of electrification.

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With electric vehicles your application will consume less energy.  Most of the diesel energy is converted to heat and noise. Eliminating those factors your business environment can be cleaner and safer and you don't need ventilation the same way as with diesel operated equipment. Diesel operated equipment is only 30% efficient when electric equipment is 60%+ efficient. Your equipment will move more.  The equipment is smaller, faster and more efficient. In many applications we have seen the capital cost ( in our leasing model paid by NSP) is higher and these costs are offset by significant savings in operating costs and maintenace. 

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With less noise, heat and exhaust gasses and particles in any space the working environment improves drastically. The temperature will also go down. By using electric equipment we eliminate the emissions from the equipment and remove 87 percent of the heat generated by traditional diesel equipment. Electric equipment is well acknowledged now across sectors for a positive operator experience. 

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An electric mine or tucking or other application is up to date on the current demand on carbon neutrally mined resources or operations. Electric equipment use less fossil fuel and decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. Most areas of business are looking at increased reporting on emissions. Customers of any service or products are being required to look at the supply chain for emssions. New recommendations in 2023 for IFRS to regulate climate disclosure increases the potential of fossil fuel applictions to become untenable. NSP provides a practical way to make the transition as an early adopter. 

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Our Team is engineering and finance focused and we are in close dialogue with the leading OEMs and electric infrastructure suppliers, providing a complete solution. In many cases more than one of our OEM relatiionships are applicable to the end user needs.


You can transition without a major investment risk. Your CAPEX is converted to an OPEX charge.  


Operations costs are lower with electric equipment. Fuel cost drop drastically, your trucks can move faster and move more tonnes. Electric or Hydrogen equipment has less moving parts resulting in significant maintenance savings. 


Next Step Power takes a significant part of the risk in transitioning. If the equipment malfunctions or the lifespan is short, you are not at risk for the all of the investment.

In addition to the OEM warranty you are protected from lower than expected performance since charges come down if less work is done ( Kwhr charge) . 

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