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Transportation and Infrastructure

Innovation is making Electric and Hydrogen Transportation a Reality

Innovations in 2022 have made industrial transportation by road and rail by battery electric practical


Hydrogen Solutions have been used by some of the world's largest logistics firms. 

E Trucking 

Heavy Duty Trucking innovation has increased the effective daily range of HGVs to 500km with a 1 hr 370kw charge. OEMs are making firm business decisions towards the increase in Electrical manufacturing. The batteries in these trucks have been proven in busses and other applications for years. Regulations that require 1 hr driver rest provide time in routes for charging. 

There are three important parts to the move to Electric Trucking - the trucks, the capex and financing and charging. The trucks are now ready for commercial application - we at NSP provide the financing turning the capex to an opex over the life of the truck and we fund and help design the charging infrastructure. 

Our OEM relationships can assist with plannng and costing the package including charging and even planning if the grid power is a problem in the near term. Battery Energy Storage and Hydrogen applications offer solutions - drop us a line! 

Infrastructure and an Integrated Approach

Larger trucking sales have brought about the need for charging infrastructure. 370 kw  allows for enough energy to make regional electric trucking a realistic business. An integrated approach looking at the duty requirements and the required infrastructure is needed. The engineering planning and capital finance of the  trucks and infrastructure together is a new approach to transportation and a new opportunity. 

Planning around current trucking patterns can be at the start of the process and as systems are established the design of trucking can evolve around the technology and capabilities for the most efficient systems. 

Next Step Power will fund a successful transition to Electric. 

We have expertise in the charging infrastructure, we are working very closely with the leading charge point maker in the world and the leading OEM in Heavy Duty trucks.

We have relationships from the local dealer level in many countries to the global head office. We can ensure your move to electric is a priority and happens on time - fully funded.   

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