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Next Step Power 
Corporation is a Specialised Capital Provider for Energy Transition

Next Step Power Corporation is a Specialised Capital Provider for Energy Transition to Electric.

We are focused on providing dedicated Leasing Facilities with established and approved electrification and Energy Transition OEM partners, in order to accelerate their growth, assiting existing sales pipelines and operating track records, all to further the deployment of electric and energy transition technology.

Founded 2021 in London for the Growing Trend of Electrification - Our dedicated purpose results in a strong ESG Credit. Be at the frontline of innovation and technology to make savings in CAPEX, OPEX as well as major environmental and health benefits at minimal risk.

In 2022 Next Step Power developed a model and customer dashboard to look at energy and leasing costs and compare them to conventional costs. We are involved in detailed study and negotiations across multiple sectors from charge points, to fleets and hydrogen, in mining to trucking, even in rail. We are working closely with several global OEMs and assisting with engineering cost comparisons, capability and systems planning including charging infrastructure. Let us assist you with a transition to electric and provided a funded solution.

We have developed an Energy Transition Facility that can work along side an OEM to provide leasing to the OEM customers. For an end user or customer we cover the Capex of your move to electric and we assist with the early engineering work to get the details right. Our Leasing Soluitons based on utilization and effectiveness allow end users to take concrete action, beyond studies and trials.  


Customers and Target Partners

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Leading Original Equipment Manufactures - OEMs

We are working with Leading OEMs globally to provide their customers with a financing solution through leasing. We have spent 2 years researching and working with OEMs and end users of electric and energy transition solutions. We have a solid up to date view across the technologies. We have a good understanding of power and energy, tariffs and costs, as well as comparisons to internal combustion,  "ICE" systems.


We can provide customers with a fully financed solution across OEMs from Fleet to Charging. The Kwhr charge from Next Step Power reduces customer risk as cost are tied to successful work with electric or other energy transition gear. The Top OEMs in trucking, mining vehicles, battery storage and charge infrastructure are working with our team and we can bring this experience to your drive towards Net Zero. 

Heavy Duty charging needs planning and specialist work. Grid power is not available in large amounts everywhere. As the move to electric happens the available power will become tight. The early adopters will have severe business advantages as ESG requirements come on. We also have potential to bring green hydrogen into your options.

For OEMs we have a diversified group of OEMs working with us, so we may be able to bring a full financed package to your customer with additional components of your customers needs, in one neatly financed performance based package. Our financing can increase your sales. 

Let us help get you get your Energy Transition going now!


Fleet Needs 

Our work with several different OEMs in fleet and  trucking, including some of the top logistics firms from North America to Africa to the UK, gives us a solid background in fleet capabilities and challenges. In our group of OEMs we have expertise in supporting energy transition to electric electric and hydrogen.  We have completed detailed cost studies for some of the largest fleet owners in the world and we continue detailed discussions on their transitions. 

In charging infrastructure, again, we have the expertise to look at engineering and finance for the whole energy transition. 

For larger customers we can work on a fleet financing plan with infrastructure across any selected OEM. 



Heavy Equipment and Mining 

Next Step Power has deep expereince in Heavy Equipment and Mining. We have been working with one of the largest earth moving contractors in the world and some of the largest mining companies over the past year. We understand the needs and limitations of current equipment. We also have worked with integrators from mining equipment, to road Class 8, even to rail, looking at retro-fitting electric and hydrogen. The retro-fit would use existing equipment and pivot it to electric or hydrogen drive trains. We have good experience in engineering and costing globally in this area. 

If you have a heavy equipment line as an OEM or you are a large scale customer that wants to make an energy transition, we have a broad experience to share and we can provide a full financed solution. 

Canary Wharf London


We provide the Capex for Electrification and Energy Transition

We are based in Canary Wharf London and

Vancouver, Canada 

Next Step Power Corporation is a provider of capital for electrification and energy transition in exchange for a Lease Charge per KwHr or a standard lease. This lowers risk for users to adopt new technology and make the move away from conventional diesel power. 

We have broad engineering and finance experience in energy transiton globally across sectors. 

Let's talk! 



We are keen to hear from you and how we can make things ELECTRIC


Suite 1204
32 Harbour Way 
Canary Wharf 
E14 9QF


Registered Office 

25th Floor, 700 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V7Y 1B3

+44 0777 830 2881

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